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Buck Libra Plus LP-7  5PK Pump Kit
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Buck Libra Plus LP-7  5PK Pump Kit
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Buck Libra Plus LP-7 5PK Pump Kit
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Range 3 to 7 LPM

This Personal Air Sampler is a modified version of the Libra Plus-4 with a more powerful pump. This pump range is 3 to 7 LPM to allow applications of the Miro5 MicroCell spore trap impactor cassette. A special 5 minute timer in the Main Menu allows for a rapid start-up for samplers.

Additional applications of the Libra Plus air sampling pump is to draw air contaminants in through a sampling media such as 25 and 37 mm filter cassettes, to gauge personnel exposure to gases, vapors, particulates, aerosols, etc.

The sampler consists of a pump contained in a Lexan case, exclusive and proprietary electronic circuit board for flow control, an LCD display with 2 lines of 16 characters, a single diaphragm pump mechanism and a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery pack. Other features of the Libra Plus  include elapsed time, flow rate and accumulated volume. The built in timer count down the sampling time and automatically turn off the pump. All data is saved and cleared for next sample under the MENU

  • Built-in 5 minute countdown timer from Main Menu
  • Flow Compensation for filter plugging and battery voltage

  • Compact, Rugged and quiet

  • No tools required to change flow rates.

  • Battery pack rechargeable while attached or separately

  • Stainless steel belt clip with built-in tripod connector

  • One-hour rechargeable batteries and optional run triple  packs

  • High impact Lexan case, antistatic and RFI shielded

  • “Auto-restart” within one minutes of a flow fault

  • ·Flows up to 5 LPM for special cyclone requirements

  • High backpressure capable for 25mm 0.45 u asbestos filters

  • Built in washable stainless steel 100 micron filter

  • Displays:  elapsed time, accumulated volume and flow rate

  • Accuracy +/- 5% of display reading or pump Flow Faults

  • Count down timer up to 40 hours, turns off pump.

  • Key pad lock system

  • One year warranty 

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5PK Pump Kit

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